Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hustle, Bustle

Last week was a bit atypical. We had P-Day once again on Monday, so as to be prepared for interim training Tuesday-Thursday at the mission home. We had the Vaasa sisaret come stay the night on Monday, and then we took the relatively short trek to Espoo the next morning. We slept on bunk beds at the mission home, ate delicious food prepared by office missionaries and Sisar Watson, and talked long and hard about missionary work. There was a lot said about teaching with love, and about being obedient to mission rules. I took a lot of notes, which I'll have to review so I can use them in my everyday missionary work. Wednesday evening, we were treated to a special showing of "Meet the Mormons" at the mission home, complete with popcorn. Tovereni has told me a lot about it- she loves it- and I can see why. It's humorous, touching, insightful, and even just plain interesting. Plans are forming to use it as a missionary tool in Finland as early as May. I'd encourage anyone to watch it- It's one of the few "Mormon-y" films this critic gives a thumbs-up rating.

We hit the ground running after interim. We awoke on Friday and made plans to prepare for LANCE'S BAPTISM!!! He aced his interview Friday night, and our member helped us find him some clothes while he was being interviewed. We scrubbed out the font (weird that it was my first time doing this in an actual church building, as opposed to the lake) and laid out plans for the next day. As it turns out, Lance's baptismal date was also the date of a big day of meetings for ward leaders throughout the stake. This meant a few things: I got to see the Relief Society presidents from both Marjaniemi and Lappeenranta, and the Lappeenranta bishop! YAY!!! Also, setting up for the service was a bit tricky. We got the font filling, and we put the elders on baking duty (result- korvapustit the size of kittens, albeit quite yummy). After a couple of hours of running around like headless chickens, we had everything in place just in time, and the baptism went through with no problems. many of our members helped us with food, setup, and cleaning, and showed Lance a lot of love. The best part, though, was his confirmation and ordination to the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday. Already a bright and sunshine-y person, he was glowing. He just looked like he belonged there, among all the members of the ward. Us sisaret were all smiles. Although it didn't feel like a big, gigantic hurrah, it was really heart-melting, and worth all the hustle and bustle of a baptism at the end of an unconventional week.

This week we're going to focus on finding. We're in a bit of a teaching valley, so our idea is to try a different finding technique every day for a week, and see what works, and what might not be our favorite. We're trying to use Preach My Gospel creatively and with prayer, so that we can do the Lords work with the most success.

I wish I could say more about the ways I've been touched by the Spirit this past week, but email time is short, and there's food to be purchased. Kiitos paljon for all of your love, support, and prayers that have enabled me to make it this far, and see some great miracles this week.


Sisar Hansen

Our matching, 1st-day-at-interim-training
Cleaning the font the night before the
Lance's baptism
Waiting for the train

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