Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Note from Karlan's mom

Kar didn't have time to write a blog post this week, but she did send a note to her dad and to me.  She was able to watch some of conference in English via an internet stream set up at the ward building.  Because of the time difference (she's about 10 hours ahead of us in WA) the ward members watched some sessions live, and others that were recorded.  Here's a snippet from her letter to me:

"Sisar S and I baked authentic Finnish pulla (everyone was impressed because we're American) and had a little "tea party" before the women's broadcast. A less active woman, who we have been teaching, and who has been less active for so long that she's scared to come to church, came to our tea party, which is probably her first time in the church building in years! She also watched the RS broadcast, but we won't find out what she thought about it until we go back and visit. Between sessions of conference yesterday we had just enough time to take some of the remaining pulla to a member family we've been working with, and then run back to the church."

All in all an amazing week, Karlan reports.  She is loving her mission!

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