Monday, September 22, 2014


First of all, I am pleased to announce that Protein Week was a roaring success! We went all-out, and bought chicken, ground beef, nuts, dairy, and even a big bag of protein powder to mix into a smoothie. We made protein-packed granola bars to take along with us, and we always make sure to have a good snack packed in our bags. As I've continued to drink enough water and as we focus more on exercising well in the morning, my excess exhaustion has vanished away. I still feel more than ready to plunge into bed at night, but no more does the inclination strike me during language study!

Speaking of language, I cannot believe the amount of French I've spoken so far in Helsinki! My poor companion stands on the sidelines as I "parler" with people from different parts of the world. Actually, she bravely steps in, adding a testimony or a comment in English, as part of a conversation she can't even understand. It takes guts to do that. We've given away a "Livre de Mormon", and while none of these Francophones are actual investigators yet, we've got some solid potentials coming out of these conversations.

We had the opportunity to attend the temple last Friday, and it, of course, was wonderful. I love when I go to the temple and I can get something out of it that I never got before. Going to the temple just feels like coming home after a long day, and it's often a more efficient way to feel rested than P-Day! The day we went just happened to also be Mission Leadership Council day, so we were joined by President and Sisar Watson, as well as all of the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and president's assistants! There was a huge group of Russians there, and I used my very limited Russian skills to say hello to a lady who looked like she wanted to talk to me. She asked if I lived in Finland (I think) and I told her that, yes, I live in Finland, because I'm a missionary, and this is my companion. She lit up and excitedly started speaking in fast-paced Russian, which I did not understand in the least, and continued even when I told her that I don't speak the language. I gave her a "nice to meet you" in Russian on our way out, and she lit up again, spoke more excited Russian, and looked like she might tear up a little bit. I have no idea what she said, or why she felt the way she did, but it was a very touching moment for me to be able to give a form of service to somebody in a unique way.

We've yet to find a lot of people in our area so far, but we're making plans to find those whom the Lord has prepared to accept the gospel and be baptized. The rejection we receive no longer gets me down, and more and more, I'm able to serve cheerfully and boldly. I still suffer from shyness, and have times when I absolutely do not want to talk to that person, but I always feel so warm, safe, empowered when I follow the promptings of the Spirit, and act in a way that I know I'm supposed to. The Lord is so consistent, and blesses us for our diligence. I read Preach My Gospel chapter 11 this past week, and it talks all about how obedience is a form of repentance, which leads to a mighty change in ourselves for the better, which brings about the blessings of God. It's a miraculous thing. I'm blessed and happy to take part in this.


Sisar Hansen

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