Monday, June 16, 2014

Suomi Bites!

Short one this week, as we are moving the bulk of our P-Day time to another day to accommodate some weird scheduling this week, and we have to go catch a bus soon.

Finland, and Lappeenranta in particular, is a gorgeous place in the summer. Trees, flowers, and lakes. Lots of lakes. Which means, lots of mosquitoes. While I may not get bitten more than the average Vanhin or Sisar, I seem to be much more highly allergic to those bites, and I've lost count at this point of all the quarter-sized lumps on my arms. legs, and even neck and face! My right bicep swelled up to twice its normal size a week or so ago, but that's gone down by now. I'm working on eating more garlic (apparently, bugs don't like that. I commented that people don't like that either, but it's worth a try) and spraying a generous amount of repellant a couple times each day.

Joy continues to be a joy, and she loved church again this week! Our cranky old man friend also loved it, and he's still progressing slowly, but surely. It's a privilege to see him grow, when he's been on many a Lappeenranta missionary's mind over the years. We're working hard and also taking time to just sit down and enjoy Suomi, which gives us the chance to think through our plans, eat some ice cream, and chat with passers-by. We have several new investigators, many of whom are young adults, which we've been praying for. 

Our two pre-missionary YSA also received their own mission calls this week- a future elder in Greece, and a sister in the England Leeds mission! We're excited for them to prepare to serve, and their enthusiasm shines through their countenances.

Preach My Gospel contains counsel to think of the many blessings that come from the Book of Mormon. How many ways can you count, in which the Book of Mormon has blessed you, and given you added insight and knowledge? Or maybe you don't know, and would like to find out?

God is good. His church is true.


Sisar Hansen

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