Monday, October 21, 2013

A Note from Karlan's Mom

Karlan and the other missionaries in her group left this morning for Finland! We got a brief phone call from Karlan this morning, telling us that she was still in SLC, waiting for a delayed flight to Chicago. Several people in the airport offered use of personal cell phones to the missionaries to allow them to call home while they waited. Karlan reports that one very thoughtful person even went so far as to buy breakfast for ALL 16 of the Finns! I talked to Kar's companion, Sisar Nyman, for a couple of minutes. What a terrific young woman. She and Karlan have grown to love each other, and I'm sure they will be eternal friends. Someone snapped a group photo of some of the Finns, and emailed them out so parents could have a copy. I love modern technology.

After Karlan called, I received another phone call from the airport--this one from the woman who had loaned Karlan her phone (she also called Kevin). She said she just wanted to let me know how impressed she was with the Finnish missionaries. She told me that Karlan was glowing, confident, happy, and doing well. "Thank you for sharing your daughter with me today. She made my day!" she said. No, you made MY day. How utterly thoughtful.

A longer phone call from Kar came in mid-afternoon after her plane landed in Chicago. Kevin and Michael and I enjoyed listening to her relate the story of the First Vision in Finnish(!) Wow. Kar is just on fire. She was so animated and excited on the phone. The missionaries will arrive in Helsinki after being up and about for almost 24 hours. They will get a tour of the Helsinki temple grounds, and will be tucked into bed at the mission home before receiving their assignments the next morning. Kar hopes to be able to spend some time in Oulu because they have a reindeer festival there every year.

Kar would love to hear from you. Her email address is

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